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TextToSpeech (2015)

cooperation with Barbora Trnková

The rst human based TextToSpeech engine ever.
We remember the me when the synthesised voices started to occupy our devices (mostly PC’s). They were built as toys but they were able to bring the idea of Artificial Intelligence more real. It was long ago. After that the skepticism replaced enthusiasm of dizzy development and the users forgot, somehow. Currently Daniel breathes. Radio stations use the synthetic voices to read the news and the VoiceOver can be Your good friend. The human interprets are not needed again. Moreover, all this happens slowly but surely without any emotions. Just in the name of making service better.
The idea of TTS originated on our exhibition in Brno OFF/Format gallery. As usually we developed the Beta version (of TTS) in order to test it in a real context (the gallery) and to see the social interaction in a deepest possible way. We have also made a short documentary (16:44) from the opening.

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foobar (2015)

AR app
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

A small AR (augmented reality) mobile app developed directly for the context of one Brno show we were participating in. This app hide all paintings, videos and photos hanged on the wall.

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Happy New War (2015)

cooperation with Barbora Trnková

As the netizens we could not escape the attacks of everywhere news about “some kind of” war. But as the humanists we could not say anything except "Happy New War". Whose choice is it?

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Obscure Motif (2014)

web app
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

Webbased app thematising a social engineering for confidence.
We deliberately exaggerates here such practice in order to show the deal with user ignorance.
We exhibited this work twice IRL with hacked wifi router to navigate connected devices just to this site.
Unfortunately the Czech and partly the English versions are only available at this moment. We currently work on the translation to other languages that as we hope, would bring more user’s trust.

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Generation of Princesses (2011, 2014)

web application
cooperation with Barbora Trnková
link: generation of princesses
link: 2nd Generation – exhibition project

This collaborative project grew up from the image skepticism. In the light of devaluation of the image in general, we developed this web tool for generating the icons – Madonnas – princesses. The query for generating the picture is a kind of a personal magic – the name and a favorite color of anybody You want. The value of human (machine) creativity multiplies the possibility of purchasing generated picture.

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Generation of Princess

Black (2012, 2014)

web project
cooperation with Barbora Trnková, Vladimír Veselý and Radek Lát

Barbora Trnková with Tomáš Javůrek in cooperation with Vladimír Veselý and Radek Lát are creating the tool for game. This game helps us to take part on rearticulating our reality on the base of revision our faith.

Computers of people from the place A are "prayering" prayers of people from the place B. B-people have device, the apparatus similar to a camera. They can upload their prayer into it. Their input vanish in Black-Box. A-people can download Handglass, Decider and Window into their computer (link) and that is how their computers start to memorize prayers of B-people (to pray as a prayer wheel). B-people see the output, more precisely the reference to the output (as photography is). This reference asks an interpretation - a projection. It's possible, that this projection deforms, really wraps reality. But it's also possible, that this function do computers themselves.



web – black

web – tool

web – voice

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foto: Jan Trnka

ScreenSaverGallery (2013)

virtual space for exhibiting contemporary digital artworks
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

In the same way as the off-space galleries are formed in this time, we created ScreenSaverGallery for exhibiting digital artworks in "site-specific" context. You can read more info about this project here.

We are proud, that ScreenSaverGallery is supported by Sakrowski, Domenico Quaranta, Mary Meixner, Anthony Antonelis etc.





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First screensaver by Sakrowski – screenshot

screenshot of the first screensaver by Sakrowski

Trust the Universe (2013)

book, mobile application
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

In the framework of the "Kraj-jiné meze" exhibition theme that was focused on the boundaries of landscape, we decided take another step in our long-term cooperation with the astrophysicist Jan Mazanec. As you can see on this website or on YouTube channel we organize lectures of this scientist about contemporary astrophysical problems, mostly for artists.

Thanks to our interaction, Jan Mazanec – during last two years – wrote the text named "Global structure of Universe". We decided to publish it. We introduced the scale model of the book at the exhibition and we are currently preparing the book for official publishing.

As illustrators of the book, we wanted to work with illustration phenomena in an exhibition context and use every artistic works exhibited there to illustrate the book. Thus, a hybrid between artistic work and catalog of exhibition was created.

On the other way we used AnnaMarie application to illustrate the the same place.


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AnnaMarie (2012)

mobile and computer application
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

Specially for the PAF Rewind: Net Art section we developed AnnaMarie application. The visitors could download it on wireless network in the Corpus Christi Chapel.

AnnaMarie works as a camera. The user can take a picture, but the received picture is different from the taken one. The received picture comes from the other user of the application.

In the Chapel it worked only locally and the received pictures had to be from the same place. Sometimes really subtle differences originated between the taken and received pictures. The space of the Chapel started to be a little bit confused and more fluid.

We developed the AnnaMarie app for the "global" using too. If you want to download it, use links below. The android app is not tested enough and may not work properly on your device. We will be happy, if you send some info about bugs to us (use info♘ mail).


for Android [BETA]

for Mac

for Windows

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Monument (2012)

wifi installation
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

In response to the work of famous artist John Cage (theme of the exhibition called "Na houby for John Cage") we prepared wireless installation with one minute "preloader" which appeared on every connected device trying to browse web. The "preloader" was only what the onlooker could see – there was no internet. Whole window of the browser darkened within a minute. Cover text said: "Connect to the wireless 'Monument', open the browser, navigate to Your favorite site and hold Your breath."

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Libretto (2012)

audio, animation
cooperation with Matěj Smetana

In cooperation with Matej Smetana we prepared an exhibition for the gallery OFF/FORMAT. Because of the curators connected us, we started to think (with Matej) about the common topics and we recognized a lot of shared interests. When we talked about we generated some subjects of our work and started to analyze the core of them. The main core of this exhibition we found in "background process". The form how to share it with onlookers we chose from what we like. The result appeared in "audio sculpture" alternate with "silent animations" in five minutes cycles.

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Motivo astratto (2011)

web application
cooperation with Barbora Trnková
link: motivo astratto

The first step of our project exploring the world of machines and its life energy. In one hand we are trying to recognize the machine within human and in the other life within machine. In according with the speculative theory of morphic resonance, we are trying to test any possibilities of artificial memorizing power.

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Happyend, chapter IV.,
The Invasion to the Castles in the Air (2011)

video installation, text

The Invasion to the castles in the air contains four video installations (scenes) in the frame of security cameras and the film screenplay. The video installations used anamorphic perspective for creating the illusion for cameras and it was possible to see it on the screen in the lodge of building. On each scene you could find out part of screenplay.
This work is something like a movie but movie is definitely missing. I've just kept the structure of the narrative and designed the installations like film scenes. In this situation men can watch it alike the video on website. It can be clicked on, You can jump over some parts and for example never see the end. The onlooker is moving inside the interactive environment which is defined by coder's script. I see the movement of watcher of this movie similar to the surfing on the internet.
The cameras are active, control protocol run but spam box of Big Brother is full and that's why Homo Ludens can exist. We cannot control the medium of mental projection. The castles in the air are untouchable for the present. I believe, we can appear on its threshold.

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blueprint – the places where the scenes are situated in the building
scene I.

read screenplay of SCENE I.: CZ

scene II.

read screenplay of SCENE II.: CZ

scene III.

read screenplay of SCENE III.: CZ

scene IV.

read screenplay of SCEN IV.: CZ

end - view of the security cameras
download poster

Titan (2011)

short film
duration 14:53

Titan is an experimental short film. I experimented here with narrativity based on subjective but real connections. I used video material from my own archive, for example documentation from performance, short videos and so on in the first hand and in the other some downloaded videos from the sources like NASA, YouTube and some film archive – everything what I'm interesed in. This work is one of the sketches for Invasion to the Castels in the Air.

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Performer (2011)

duration 4:22

Boredom nevermore, would like to tell. Performer is an experiment how focus to joke. Where is the border when the joke is not joke more? How many repeating is joke able to carry? How to do the performance from video?
Performer flirts with advancement of irony – sarcasm – cynism and uses this tools in critical view to itself like artist, generally to medium.

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LaskujMe! (2011)

local wireless network, application
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

How to access the "meta" level of real space? We executed a local wireless network in gallery, thus created an access hole to the "meta" gallery. Well, what do You want to do there? We developed basis for the strange communication game.

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stills: application, zone sign, webcam still

Slag (2010)


  cooperation with Alena Kazatelová


  Well, the sun will never go down. Simulator of the day light with the story inside. It was part of exhibition in the BKC Galerie mladých. The exhibition called slag and originated from cooperation with Alena Kazatelová. Our common project has been inspirated from the product of blast furnace. We searched relation between contemporary factory and works of the fine art.

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foto: Michaela Dvořáková


The Summer Motif (2010)

time specific market
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

When the sun goes down, stipulates value of any things. By the sun goes economical wave. In two hours, with sunset in the middle, are puting on the market cups with picture of actual position of sun and with the actual time. The value of cup with actual time is the highest, the cups with expired time are cheaper and cheaper. The sunset crush down the fixed value of future.

[

Alongside (2010)


This piece is about a searching the clown inside art. Is possible to take the behavior of artist seriously? Who is the clown. The artist, onlooker, participant, situation or artpiece? Is it ok to ask this way? Is anybody clown? Exist a differnece between the clown and magus?

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Sponge (2010)

site specific installation
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

The sponge is the installation sucking surrounding atmosphere and projecting it back. It works like mirror standing against the other mirror and you can be between them. In one moment, if you are careful enought, you can see your 3D digital projection and look in your own eyes.

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Is it possible, that I`m sleeping now? (2010)

text, video
duration 13:27
download pdf

The work with the basic question: Is it possible, that we are sleeping now? contains three short videos and the text (sorry, only in czech). The videos could be sensed like one film or three individual works reaching the borders of performance-art, video-art and trick film. The text, which is wrotten like dramatic piece, compose with  film the complex with internal subjective structure. This structure is growing from the basic question. The work wants to erase internal borders between the reality, dream and fiction.

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Velká Býteš 3000 (2010)

video installation

Installation could simulate the backward projection. I am asking here: what is the miracle? I am finding the clown. He is the substantion of our reality and the miracle cannot be possible without him. Where is the truth?

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The Winter Motif (2010)

time specific installation
cooperation with Barbora Trnková

It is site and time specific installation. We created an imitation of frost on gallery's shop window at january, while outside was freezing. Well, normal winter weather.

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Rubber – screen saver (2010)


I used my last video experimentations and created a short flashback in one piece. I put everything together and abandoned to intermix. It created automatically new stories. I used some screen server principles in programing of application. It was exhibited in classic cinema KINO VYŠKOV.

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I woun't give back the Things there (2010)

video installation

The gallery space I left empty. There was nothing. I used just the windows for install black boxes. This balck boxes projected videos on the wall wich was outside. There was two video pieces played in loop. One of them contained any sound and black frames. The videos were with different duration, thus it created different stories in its relation. The pieces were called "japanese maple" and "waltz".

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I`ve no Idea, you can kill me! (2009)

interactive performance

Spojíš sto devítivoltových baterií, do série. Tak dostaneš devět set voltů. To napojíš na běžnou dvacetipěti wattovou žárovku. Do okruhu dáš vypínaĊ. Připevníš to všechno na sebe a jdeš do ulic.

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Temporary Solution (2009)

dimension variable

How to anchor the nail in the whole wich is to big? I used the principle of "temporary solution" and tried to advance it to the aesthetic level.

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Stack of Snow (2009)

The stack was made by craver Antonín Maloň
object, 150 cm high

I asked the carver for this piece, I wanted to create something like wooden photography, thus I installed it on the wall with part of "wooden street".

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Wheelbarrows (2009)

object, width 3,2m

No comment.

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Skier, Suicider (2009)

audio / video
duration 53s, 36s

This videos belong to works explore the possibilities of performance and its recording. The core of this pieces is that we can hear something is happen but we cannot see it. There is a advance between voice and picture.

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On the Jacks (2008, 2009)

5 objects
about 140 cm high

How to spend the energy from batteries was my basic question in this set of "unusual" objects.

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Wooden Firework (2008)

klauzurní práce na téma "peripetie"
3,5m high

Potřebuješ deset metrů nehoblovaných stavebních latí. Půl kila šesticentimetrových vrutů. Dvacet stovkových hřebíků a Ċtyřicet deka bavlny. Pilku, vrtaĊku, kladívko.

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In the Course of Memory (2008)

bachelor work
text, photos, action
pdf file (just in czech)

Orderly exploration of self memory.

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Re-dressing (2008)


The performance was created just for a camera. It is never ending loop of re-dressing from one shooting to the other.

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Generation of Princesses at From Modernism to Modern Art, Brno City Museum, Brno



SSG, PAF 2013, Olomouc

Kraj-jiné meze, Galerie města Blanska, Blansko


Open Goal, Anne Frank Memorial, Brno

AnnaMarie, PAF 2012, Olomouc

Na houby / for John Cage, Gottfrei, Opava

Pillowcase Cat Size, summer theater, Chrudim

Libretto, Galerie Offormat, Brno (together with Matěj Smetana)

Click to Save Image, Galerie ATD, web


Škola: houština, Galerie Armaturka, Ústí nad Labem

Motivo Astratto, Díra výstavní, Chrudim

Generace princezen, Sun Wu Kung fest, Červeněves u Nového Bydžova

PEČEME NON-STOP (Prague Quadrienalle), (A)VOID gallery, Prague

PLUGIN, videoarte come comunicazione, Brescia, Italy

Terror, Galerie Aula, Brno

EkoBio, Divadlo Reduta, Brno


Slag, Galerie mladých, Brno

The summer motif, galerie Umakart, Brno

Kuřata/Šedá/Díra, zbrojovka a půl, Brno

Na sýpce ne doma, galerie Sýpka, Vlkov

Velá Býteš 3000, muzeum of Velká Býteš, Velká Býteš

Thin red line, galerie Ars, Brno

The winter motif, galerie Umakart, Brno

The things I will not give back there, e galerie, Brno


Next wave, containers of art, Praha

Containers of art, containers in the streets of town, Brno

Temporary solution, e galerie, Brno


15 years FaVU, FaVU VUT, Brno

V Praze je blaze, Galerie kritiků, Praha

Multiplace, Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava



Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, course: Interactivity of the Artpiece



ScreenSaverGallery, in cooperation with Barbora Trnková

Umakart gallery, in cooperation with Barbora Trnková


name: Tomáš Javůrek

born: 1983

mail: info[at]